Selasa, 24 Januari 2017

Introduction of electromagnetic method to see under ground

The main point of EM method is permitivity and conductivity.
This value of Emdepend on water, ion, porosity, size of the grain (clay and silk), structure of rock, and influence of electrical permitivity.
If permeability low, the velocity will increase.

There is relationship between constant electrical and attenuation.
Air has constant electrical 1 and attenuation 0.
Salt water  has constant electrical 80 and attenuation 600.
Sand has  has constant electrical 20-30 and attenuation 0,03-0,3.
Ice  has constant electrical 3-4 and attenuation 0,01.

#Filter that i used
- DC Removal
- Background Removal
- Time-Zero Adjustment
- 2D Spatial Filtering
- Amplitude Correction
- Bandpass Filering

#Change time become depth and change epsilon become 3
- Choose Model
- Edit model
- Change epsilon become 3
- Apply

# Make 2 layers
- New Polygon
- Change epsilon become 1.4
- Change colour become green

- Click in the model

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